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Native App

PartsSource Approvals



PartsSource needed to make their legacy desktop approvals process mobile and add enhancements for notifications and alerts.
Agency: TRAIT

UX Design

Business Requirements

  • Create a native app that translates legacy desktop functionality to a mobile experience

  • Build new functionality to allow notifications and alerts on critical items

Solutions: Phase One
Grid Views

A graceful translation of the desktop grid view into an inbox style list view with prioritized sorting and actions built on native swipe patterns


Solutions: Phase Two
Card & Detail Views

Cards that surface top level actions with a detail view a single tap away.

Solutions: Phase Three
User Dashboard

A focused home screen with one tap actions into order approvals and locations.

07 - Approvals  - All Approvals.jpg
09 -Approvals - Order Detail - Scroll - 1.jpg
08 - Approvals - Order Detail.jpg
iPhone 13.png

Solutions: Phase Four

Notify users of new approvals with actionable hotlinks.

01 - Approvals - Push Notification.jpg
iPhone 13 Copy.png
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